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Giggles and Fun is Katy’s premiere indoor birthday party center and play space for children 8 years of age and under. Come visit Giggles and Fun custom-made play stations and share the extraordinary journey with your child as they: Second location Coming Soon end of 2020!




During the week Giggles and Fun offers open play & events. Weekends are booked for birthday parties. We separate ourselves from other companies because we uniquely offer both ACTIVE and IMAGINATIVE play.

Active Play

Active play includes climbers, ride-a-longs, crawly bumpers, soft toys and blocks – all age appropriate.

Imaginative Play

Imaginative play includes role play & dress up, activity tables, a reading nook, and more. Our vision is to create a unique, fun, and age Socks are Requiredappropriate space for children to play and use their imagination. Come check us out!

It’s all Giggles and FUN!

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